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Re: Duck Hunting

There have been some HUGE mallards this season. I shot a few in the beginning of the late season that I thought were geese when they were coming towards me.

I have been using #3 Black Clouds (3 inch mags) and they have been good medicine for most ducks...even big blacks. I do keep 3.5 BBs in my pocket though for when the Canadas come through.

Looks like you had a great season Adrien. Ours has been about average. Our shooting has been subpar and we've had some slow days but have also had days where the ducks and geese just filled the skies until 9 or 10.

Re: Duck Hunting

Yup, we saw a couple of mallards like that, big old canadian red leggers twice the size of any other mallard we shot, just crazy looking to say the least.

We have all been experimantying with different shot this season and all seem to do the trick on birds over the decoys.

We have used black cloud, plain old winchester expert, i love the new remington HyperSonic steel. 3.5in BB's at 1700 fps is pretty deadly on a duck. bought some more black cloud today, 3.5in #2 with 1.5 ounces of shot at 1500 fps, no more holes in the pattern, thats hundreads of pellets just smashing them. (good or bad not sure yet???)

I have to say i like the bb's but there are holes in the pattern with them out around 30 yards unless you are shooting a full choke. not many feather puffs with a BB load, if hit, they go down. anxious to try the black clouds i bought, im up in canada now for x-mas and going to pound some blacks and seas ducks 4 black a day limit up here.

Re: Duck Hunting

hi yoadrien
what are you doing with the feathers. I take all you get of the mail mallard.

Re: Duck Hunting

hi yoadrien
what are you doing with the feathers arrien.
Iwould take all mail mallard feathers if you would save them for me jim

Re: Duck Hunting

kind of late now but if i get a few at the coast next week i will save them for you.