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Re: Fly tying book

I found this book to be helpful.

Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers
by David Klausmeyer

Mike Martinek Jr. also has a DVD out called Hooked on Fly Tying Classic Maine Streamers.
I haven't seen the video but Mike is one of the most well known Rangeley style tyers out there today, so I am sure it is good.

havent seen his dvd but martinek does some things with the streamers to make them more fishy than streamers off the shelf, adds bulk underneath that fluffs out the sides adding some width to the fly from veiwing from below. he does classes as well, worth looking into after you can tie some basic flies

Re: Fly tying book

Thanks to all for the input I haven't heard of any classes in the area (Canaan) or close by,I have a book and materials on order.Anyone with more input keep it coming it's great.

Re: Fly tying book

craft type stores have some good materials for fly tying and they are usually alot cheaper, things like a siler paint type marker and you can paint the white bucktail. cvs, pick up a bottle of sally hansen hard as nails with nylon added, good for coating the wraps and head

Re: Fly tying book

I have also heard the dollar stores after Christmas tinsel is always a good buy.BARRY

Re: Fly tying book

The Merrimack Trout Unlimited has a list of Fly Tying classes around the area.
Here are a few streamers that I tie for salmon.
A good source of fly tying material and possible knows of other fly tying classes, Stone River Outfitters.
An online streamer dictionary.



Re: Fly tying book

Thanks to everyone again all this info has been very helpful got my materials in the mail today hopefully the book will be here tomorrow and let the tying begin.It always amazes me (although it shouldn't) how helpful this site is people so willing to share.Thank you all very much!!!!

Re: Fly tying book

I will put you on the list next year for duck feathers
Also, if you need a test dummy for your flies and streamers let me know
Still got to get out and see you - when do you want to make the run to Cabelas?

Re: Fly tying book

Ya the feathers would be great Bill and I'll make sure to tie up some special flies for you( now where did I put that fish repellent?) Don't know on the Cabelas trip it about 100 bucks an hour for me to walk around up there give me a call later.

Re: Fly tying book

Barry, Working on a Sat. seminar.I'll keep you posted. This will be a fun tying session. You'll learn alot! Bobby

Re: Fly tying book


Re: Fly tying book

Awesome flies Gus!
I see many "deadly" ones there.

Re: Fly tying book


Great flies!! No wonder you out fish most of us!

Happy & Healthy 2011!


Re: Fly tying book

Our second DVD in the "Love Affair with Angling" series (with ice fishing pic of Yo-Adrien Lavoie and huge laker on the cover) also features the great streamer fly tying skills of Mike Martinek and Jim Warner from Wolfeboro tying the Winni Smelt. Also footate of Alan Nute and Chuck French tying streamers. It should be in the stores as well as on sale at Deepwaterspress.com

Coming back from Munich Germany to ice fish with sons and grand children on Feb 18-21. We'll be at my cottage on east bear. If out there stop by for a warm up or a snapps!

Petri Heil!

Hal Lyon