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Re: Rumors "single hook only" salmon lakes

Yep. I believe this only applies to live bait.

Re: Rumors "single hook only" salmon lakes

That is the way I understand it and yes I was sure that it was clearified once before. But..... a scientist friend of mine was infattic that it is for all lures, bait,flies ect. And the wizzards at Beatles bait shop in Shaplie ME confirmed and convinced he was right.

Thanks again

Re: Rumors "single hook only" salmon lakes

Taken from the 2011 digest:

NEW FOR 2011
• For the following lake trout and salmon lakes: Big Greenough
Pond, Conway Lake, Merrymeeting Lake, Newfound Lake, Ossipee
Lake, Silver Lake (Madison), Big Squam Lake, Little Squam
Lake, Sunapee Lake, Winnipesaukee Lake, and Winnisquam
Lake, when trolling, only one artificial bait, one fly, one tandem
fly or one bait shall be used per rod; and only a single hook with
a single hook point shall be used for bait.

Bait: Dead or live natural bait whether in part or whole and includes
but is not limited to fish, mollusks, crustaceans, amphibians, invertebrates,
reptiles, or their progeny or eggs, and power bait or any
ingestible substance.

Artificial bait: Any fishing bait constructed by humans as an imitation
or substitute for natural bait or fish forage and includes, but
is not limited to spinners, spoons, poppers, plugs, jigs and plastic,
rubber or other artificial imitations of natural bait. Artificial bait
does not include a fly.

I interpret that rule as just applying to live or dead bait. Not artificial bait. In fact the rule even mentions a tandem fly, so there is two hook points right there.

Re: Rumors "single hook only" salmon lakes

bet alot will be using those sliding bait rigs and not know any better. would assume you can still use the tandems with trebles on the rear hook

Re: Rumors "single hook only" salmon lakes

I agree, all of the old sliding bait rigs are now illegal. AJ was suppose to come out with a new sliding rig that only had the back hook. (I'm not sure if the treble hooks are legal???) Check at AJ