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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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1-30-11 on the ice

Same Crew day 2, down 2 anglers due to decreased liver function i believe.

we headed out again today with the down south boys and got into the fish quickly again, the boys iced 12 lakers and a few perch, white and yellow. It was a pretty standard day on the ice with good weather and plenty of laughs. All trout except 1 bleeder were released today, THANKS GUYS!

The highlight of the day was the Grilled perch for lunch, or i mean the non grilled perch for that matter. I filleted the big 1.5 pound yellow and handed 1 of the guys the egg sack and said here, these are good. So he takes a bite and says wow these are better than the sushi restaurant. They actually passed the eggs around and ate them RAW!!! My dad used to cook them and eat them, but not raw, yuck.

We quit early today with a great weekend under our belts, i think the guys needed a little nap before dinner.

Lake is pretty hard but there are still slush pockets.

Here is a nice whitie that made the grill sizzle.