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Re: Used boat

Going back north now? We had to go back north last week of January,heat pipes froze and burst.Cut them off in cellar so when they thaw they will drain in cellar. Will repair when we get back.Been kind of cool in FL.this winter.Congrats on your winter home purchase. Sounds like you really went all out with the place,sounds good,ENJOY.

Didn't buy, we have a rental agreement for the 3 months with 1st option each succeding year. But we did hit a home run on the place, it has everything we wanted and more. Fishing here is allot differtent of course, but plenty of action and I think if you specialize on certain fish you can catch big boys, I know I'll enjoy it. 3 coldest months down here will, from ice in to ice out, gotta get back to the chasin Salmon, ha,ha.

That happened to my brother in law last winter, water ran down from secound floor for about a week, house was trashed, insurance took care of everything and added about 200k onto the value of the house, he just sold it last week.

Weather has been perfect the 2.5 weeks we were here in Naples, I'll leave it at that, coming back up north tomorrow.

All I need now is to find a boat, best bet will be up north, haul it down this summer or fall. We did rent the boat lift with the house for the whole year, so we can put it on anytime once we find it and get her set up properly. Have a few to look at when we get home, when they can dig em out.

Come on ice out.

Big John

Big John