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Re: Connecticut Lakes

Has anyone been fishing the Connecticut Lakes? I am headed up Saturday for the week.....

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, if it were me I'd head south til I found open water, I dont know how you guys do it, good luck.

Big John

Re: Connecticut Lakes

Hey John it,s not cold fishn every day! Fished the broads yesterday and the sun was so hot we had to strip down to our underwear almost. Codfish Mike was in distress cause he couldn,t keep his beer cold enough! Fishing was sloow though. Cal P.

Re: Connecticut Lakes

Sorry Ryan haven't been up there! You should post this on iceshanty.com NH section. There is some guys on there that have fished up there and that live up that way. In fact there was a thread on there yesterday about some guys that were headed that way this weekend.

Re: Connecticut Lakes

I read the post on Ice Shanty. I was just hoping I might find a couple more guys on here. We will be going with the old stand by method, smelt on tip ups and Bud Light and Venison steaks in the bob house. It worked out well last year. If you are up that way feel free to swing by. You know which bob house is ours...