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winni derby lodging recommendations?

I am planning on fishing the Winni Derby in May and was looking for some inexpensive but convenient lodging for easy access to boat. Hoping for something with a dock or near landing to maximize fishing time for 2 to 3 guys. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: winni derby lodging recommendations?

In the past I have found good lodging with a dock on VRBO.com (vacation rental by owner). If you are on a budget you can dock and camp at West Alton Marina. I did that for 2 years and it rained both years so it sucked.

Re: winni derby lodging recommendations?

We stay at the Bay Side inn in Alton. Great people nice rooms and the dock is just steps away from your room.


Also check out the Lazy E at Paugus Bay, stayed with them ice fishing and again great people and docks are close by.



Re: winni derby lodging recommendations?

LAZY E see link on the homepage!

Re: winni derby lodging recommendations?

Thanks to all that have replied. You guys and gals are great.

Re: winni derby lodging recommendations?

Sliver Sands and LazyE both offer great derby packages (thought I've not tried either). I'm wondering how Ames Farm is....

Also I love the location of West Alton Marina and launch. They have done a lot to create a legit camping area there....may even try it this summer.

We have a big crew of 8-11 guys and a few kids and 4+ boats so we have gone the "vacation rental" route. For less per person that a motel/hotel, we have been renting a house with 3-4 bedroom and lots of space, big kitchen, docks, and generally a nice place to hang out after a day on the water. We saved money by not renting in Weirs, Gilford, Laconia areas and instead endure the 45 minute ride to derby HQ each night.

Re: winni derby lodging recommendations?

We also stay at the Bayside every year. Immaculate rooms, nice hosts, good company and the docks couldn't be any more convenient or closer to good fishing.