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2-24-11 charter report

Had a crew from mass today Don Aldridge and his buddies, on a 2 night fish and stay package and the whole way home from my charter yesterday i was puking out the window of the truck, YUK!! Most of it went in the backseat, not out the window, even BIGGER YUCK!!!

I couldn't leave the guys hanging so i enlisted my dad and good buddy slipknot to take them out today. I told them they would not be charged for the fishing as Dad and slipknot are not guides but sombody had to take them fishing it just wouldn't be right, they agreed.

The crew had a super day on the ice, warm and no wind, i watched cooking shows in bed dreaming of eating something that would stay in me for more than 5 minutes.

Word is that they landed 11 lakers and 1 smallmouth and everybody had fun.

I feel better and i am heading out tomorrow.

Here's 1 of the guys with their laker limit.