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3-5-11 charter report

Fished with a big crew today. I think they had a trick cooler because no-matter how many beers they pulled out there were still more in it??? False bottom I guess? Hollow legs too. We hit the fish hard all morning with 17 Lakers, 15 White Perch, 2 smallmouth and 1 small salmon.
All but 5 whites released, we grilled and ate them. Highlight was the monster laker we had on and fought for 15 mins before he had the 11.25 in smallmouth that the hook was buried in his tail ripped out of his stomach and swam away and all we got was this crap. It's the second time this season we have lost a 6+ pound trout for the same reason, hook buried in the bass spine right by the tail. Oh well....

Re: 3-5-11 charter report

WOW !! Shure would have liked to see a pic of that laker. Cal.P