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Re: Champlain spoon taping workshop March 4th success

Champlain spoon taping workshop March 4th success

Sorry the 36 photos didn't come out below it's my first time on this site. Other sites the photo link works when copied and pasted from photobucket.

The full post with photo's can be seen on our Pro Board site under the thread headingMarch 4th workshop: Great night

March 4, 2011 Workshop #2

Another incredible workshop in the books folks!

In summary:

Tonight on March 4th the bar was raised: We had 45 attend and the free drawing for 45 donated prizes worth $4,500! Everyone won something in the drawing!

I want to thank the folks below that donated some incredible products and forum members as well!

All-Star list of donors:

LCI: All-Season pass certificate
Tamiron Products: Tape
U-Charters (Lite Bites): 3 Lite Bites with power rings and weights.
Crazy Ivan Lures: Custom painted lure package.
Onyx Outdoor clothing: Arctic shield pants / Arctic shield coat.
Yasner Taxidermy: 2 certificates for two fish mounts.
Great Lakes Angler magazine: 35 March issues.
Fish Hawk: TD temp / depth digital portable gauge.
Berts Custom Tackle: Two 17” tracks and two ratchet rod holders.
Adventure Products: EGO S2 Ez Slider 48”-60” net
Cannon: Intelli Troll-Temp / Probe system.
Fish 307: Custom salmon rod
Navionics: Certificate for any Navionics SD chip.
Marine Tech Products: Trollmaster Pro – III certificate
Dockside: Net, two inline planers, 4 MI Lake trolls, 5 SeaGuar spools of Fluro line, 2- 0 Jensen dodgers, 2 Eagle claw salmon rods 8’6”,
2 custom lure totes.
Ques Tackle: Boga scale float
Torpedo Divers: 4 Torpedo divers
Dan Keating: Salmon videos
Lowrance: HDS-5
Plattsburgh Rotary Tournament: 2 Certificates for the derby.
Scotty: Downrigger
Rob (Thorny): Seafood platter from Price Chopper!
Gerry (Gecha): Custom scissor’s set
The Old Fishing Hole: Ramel (JabberJaws): Many nice fishing accessories / gear!
Vincent (Sleeps): 2 nights hotel stay in the NorthEast Kingdom.
Randy (Surprise): Custom tied streamers.

45 Attendees:

Thorny (Rob), In the office (Mark), Fathead (Jeremy), 4C's (Pat), Surprise (Randy), ShayedWinds (Don), LightnVariable (Jeff), Reelax (Matt), Salmonseeker1 (Don), Plantstone (Forrest), Gecha (Gerry), Dragnballs (Kevin), Voyager (Paul) Wind (Gary), Instigator (Reggie), , Bill Crenshaw, Tunamas (Scott), David Chavea, Salmon Eye (Paul), Heijac (Randy), Wally Andre (Andre), Crazy Ivan (Todd), Homewrecker (Dean), Scorpio (Bruce), Kamel (Kurt), Lazy C's (Mike), Madsierra (Eric), Salmon Slayer (Scott), Brian Pratt, Supercab (Judd), Marknfish (Mark), Flashpoint (Matt), Cas (Mike), Mike Morin, Cloudnine charters (Obie), JabberJaws (Ramel), Surf-N-Turf (Sean) Sleepswfishes (Vincent), Gary Tobler, Hawkeye (Bob), Digitroll (Ron), Dockside (Ben), Brian Gingras, Matt Buehrer, Michael Cowherd, Karl Hubbard,

Final thanks too:

Some of the forum members that helped me set up early before the event. Wally Andre, David and Gerry Chavea, and others that came early as well. ShayeDwinds (Don) for checking everyone in at the table and taking photo's of all 45 that won prizes. Thanks for keeping me straight Don for looking at the camera most of the 45 times as I handed off prizes for photo ops. :)

Jim (Vt Home and Marine) my boss who let us use the site for the 5th workshop in the last two winters. His brother in law Gerry who lent us 25 chairs.

And the forum members that made the trip from Montreal and NY to be with us tonight!

As Randy say’s! “Fish on” for 2011. See you all on the water!

Thanks all!



The entire prize table tonight:

The food: 15 pizzas from Domino's and Thorny seafood spread:

Thorny's seafood from Price Chopper:

Don (ShayeDwinds) helping checking everyone in!

Big crowd!

Some pre-taping done before the party by ShayeD:

Thorny talking about the finer features of the new redesigned 2011 Scotty electric that was on display to Randy and Jeremy:

The Admiral and Reelax:

1957 vintage secret lures purchased by Fat head on display from E-Bay:

Taping end of the showroom:

Lowrance HDS-5 GPS/Sonar and Dan Keating videos fishing salmon part 1 and 2:

Torpedo divers / 2 Rotary derby certificates / 2 fish mount cert. Doug Yasner:

Andre and Gecha's donations (scissors / Scotty rigger) tonight from our friendly neighbors up north:

Cannon Intelli Troll-Temp Probe system, Great Lakes Angler Magazines, Fish Hawk TD temp / depth portable device.

Dockside's generous goodies!

Free magazines from December / January / March from Great Lakes Angler. Also LCI / Torpedo divers brochures!

Onyx Outdoor Products: Arctic shield pants and coat / Bert's Custom Tackle tracs + rod holders.

Adventure Products net / Lite Bite Slide divers / Fish 307 custom salmon rod:

Navionics certificate for any chip up to $200 in there catalog / LCI all-season pass / Trollmaster Pro-3:

The old fishing hole in Morrisville Ramel (Jabber Jaws):

Sleeps with da fishes 2 nights stay in the North East Kingdom / Crazy Ivan lures / Surprise streamers:

Surprise and Crazy Ivan lures on Dockside lure caddies!

We started off with the Daytona 500 prize the Lowrance HDS-5 GPS / Sonar first: Dean (Homewrecker) was one happy person!

Supercab wins the Bert's custom tackle (tracks and rod holders):

Kurt (Kamel) wins the Adventure product net!

Mike (Lazy C's) wins the Navionics chip of his choice:

Andre contributes the Scotty downrigger and Thorny wins it!

Matt (Flashpoint) wins the Cannon Intelli probe system!

Sleeps wins the TD Fish Hawk portable temp/depth:

Bob (Hawkeye) wins the Onyx outdoor camo pants:

Matt (Reelax) wins the Onyx outdoor camo jacket:

I had to get in on the action and win one of the two Yasner fish mount certificates:

Michael Cowherd winning the Trollmaster Pro III!!!!!

Mark n Fish winning a Rotary derby pass!

(4Cs) winning a Dan Keating video on Salmon!

And finally! Phew!

The one and only Crazy Ivan winning an All season pass from the LCI and Todd has the best chance at a 10 lb Salmon for the upcoming 2011 season!

Re: Champlain spoon taping workshop March 4th success

Thanks guys for the suggestions and fixes!