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Gathering Contest

I am going to offer another lure taping contest at the gathering this year. The person that tapes the best Mooselook Midget or Pee-Wee will receive a free Eagle Claw trolling combo and a free spool of 6lb Tatsu line. We will have three judges and only one lure can be submitted by a person

Re: Gathering Contest

hmmmmm should we let Forry enter??


Cool Water

Re: Gathering Contest

Not only should Forrey be able to enter, he should have his Fishlakewinni.com Ban lifted. lol
He is a master angler, having caught the trophy Salmon of the year!!
C'mon Trav, the site needs him.

Your friend,

Re: Gathering Contest

could we see some pics of past winners so as not to duplicate???

Re: Gathering Contest

I don't remember what the past winner(Forry) spoon looked like. Anyone present at the gathering can win.