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fin clipping

F and G Biologist will be looking for help with the fin clip of the 2011 Salmon to be stocked this spring.

It will be the week of April 4th, takes 3, maybe 4 days to clip the 1000's of yearlings. Last year we got a group of people to sign up for a day each some came back for a 2nd day they enjoyed it so much.

Maybe a good RFP project, ideal for retired folks looking for something to do and get togehter.

A sign up sheet will be at the Gathering, I will be also be taking names name of who is interested and for which day.

Bring rain jacket to keep dry. Please let me know what day you can come, can use maybe 4 or 5 each day to cover "no shows". Thanks, Big John

Details from John Viar:
Powder Mill Hatchery, New Durham, N.H
First day Monday April 4th, being a "set up" morning, 0930-1000 early enough - we'll get set up before you arrive. Other days shoot for 0900. RV clip will likely take 3 days, maybe into a 4th Thurs., depending on bodies. If you can get 3 per day, that would be great. As you know it becomes a work in progress, if we are getting fewer overall bodies and fish done, maybe we do take 4 (if available) on the 3rd day, or what have you.

Re: fin clipping

John: I had thought I would give it a try this year.
But thats the week I'm in Jamaica.
I'll e-mail or call U Fri. so we can hook up Sat. W-Fat

Re: fin clipping

I guess you can be excused, "no problem mun" you will be hearing that allot next week.

How about the "99" Saturday, they have good lunch but Forry hates their food, he'd rather go to the Canoe and flirt with the gay waiter.

Be carefull what we say as we dont want to get him riled up.

Only a few takers so far for fin clip and it's less than a week away, Mac and B man are coming one of the days. I thought it would be easy with all the lakes still iced in ???

Big John

Re: fin clipping

Sorry John I would love to come help out for a day. Unfortunately I have this thing called work that gets in the way of me doing anything fun Mon - Fri. Hopefully some of the retired guys can help out.