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big fish


Can you believe the size of these Giant pickeral. I tell you I couldn't believe it myself, MASSIVE. Wish I could inform you guys as to the location of this body of water but I was swore to secrecy in fear that the members of this site would flood the place, and who could blame you Sorry but I just can't and please don't ask me to. That being said I had a great day with the owner of hand in the picture my son and my brother for what truly this time is the last hurrah. Although fish like that it is mighty tempting to try to fit one moire day in if you know what I mean. See you all tommorrow

Re: big fish


You better make sure you keep your seat on Johns boat.
Left to your own skills this is what you produce??????

Glad you guys had a good time, is Doug ready to go back to Stinson for some real fish?

Re: big fish

forrest have you been up to sims cove again on newfound