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Re: Last fin clip plee and directions.

I'd help, but it's just me at work now... so, if I'm not there nothing gets done. That makes for unhappy homeowners. If something crazy happens and I can't work, I'll be there to help. But it's doubtful.

No sweat, allot of people have work, etc. there should be enough people without responsibilties with work, etc. to drop by and help for a while.

I think we will be OK, thanks for the offer.

Big John

Re: Last fin clip plee and directions.

White Cap
Don't know how long I can sit, but I'll try and make it on Wednesday John. Wednesday is the only day I can make it.

I think you better stay home and rest up that back, you looked tough (in allot of pain) at the Gathering. We shouldn't have any problem getting enough people, actually have it covered now, but may have no shows, stuff comes up.

Thanks for the offer, stop by shoot the breeze and watch if ya want.

Big John