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Re: Another foolish forry Poll LOL

Good question, but it aint happening even if t were catch and release only, most people are adverese to change. And with the current Salmon crisis (we still have one) you would have a better chance of closing the season or making it shorter. It might be easier to have thw big guy in the sky change the weather to have all lakes free of ice by April 1st every year than to extend the season, ha,ha.

Also as much as I would enjoy it, it's very hard to keep peoples interest by the end of September, Salmon fishing slows down dramaticaly, fish move from regular holes, in spawn mode, stop eating, etc. Plus too many other sporting interest going on to get the sportsman attention. I can only find a few die hard Salmon guys to fish with the last few weeks in September, hunting, etc. seems to be a priority for many.

Be nice to be able to fish all year, pick your nice days and fish whenever you want, I do like your idea Forry.

Big John
Big John

Re: Another foolish forry Poll LOL

Not being a hunter I would like to see the season extended as well. Would even pay a little extra for a stamp to fish thru October. Just my 2 cents.

Re: Another foolish forry Poll LOL

I personally would not be interested in fishing then as John said as we are taking to the woods that time of year. I however understand the desire of others to fish then and on nice Oct. days it would be awesome to be on the pond. Misty Morning's thought of say an "October Stamp" sounds like a winner for the State as well as fisherman!

Re: Another foolish forry Poll LOL

i never liked the opening and closing season days, seems im forced to fish more and harder as the close is approaching. probably fish more days than if the season was open all year because i dont want to miss those precious days. i would rather see it open water fishing when there is open water, catch and release of salmon during both the salmon and smelt spawn, how many big salmon are taken when the smelt are in spawn, im betting alot, maybe too many