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Re: 2011 1st Troll; Monster Fish!

Yeah, maybe it was a Northern Pike? I don't really know the difference as it is not my target species. I had fun bringing him along side the kayak and then just wanted my lure back without getting chomped. It was a big one. He wouldn't fit in my little net so I scooped him up under the belly and carefully got the lure out with my neoprene gloved hand. This thing couldv'e eaten my cat. :-)

Re: 2011 1st Troll; Monster Fish!

How long was this fish? Using an oldtime formula for calculating length from weight and weight from length, and from my years of fishing large Northern Pike in Canada, i can tell you that a 10 pound Pike would be close to 33 inches long.

Re: 2011 1st Troll; Monster Fish!

Good to know. My arm is over 2 feet long (I'm over 6 feet tall) and, relative to that, I estimated this fish to probably be a little over 30 inches. If I was in my Lund, I'd have all the tools to measure and weigh but I was just in my little kayak with barely enough room for my large frame. :-) But, it sounds like I'm pretty close. So, I stand by my sizing. Thanks, I think I'll bring a camera next time just in case.