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Re: flys and streamers

john sampson
I give all you guys allot of credit for having the initiative to learn and tie your own flies, to catch a fish with your own creation must be very satisfying.

Myself I'm just not crafty enough to do it, wish I was. There are many fly tyers out there selling flies for short money that do an excellent job catching fish, must be a labor of love for these tyers, thank you..

Here is what I heard to be a "huge bonus" of using flies, comments appreciated. I have been told by those in the know that small Salmon do not go for flies as much as they do for shiny, flashy spoons, especially the newly stocked fish to the lakes which are most susceptible to hook wounds, much more so than mature Salmon.

Big John

i think the biggest thing is making something nobody has, same as taping your own lures, takes me so long to tie something up that i will buy the popular paterns as well. probably takes me a half hour to tie a simple bucktail streamer because i glue each step down, have to be tying several at a time, just bodies, glue, then tinsel, glue, then throat, glue etc letting each step dry before the next. there is no way you could make money at it

Re: flys and streamers

What are the hook size #4 or #6 (top pic) with the polar bear fur good looking stuff.
Thanks BARRY

i think they are 4's, those are a little shorter than the hooks in the other group, they worked really good august and september last year

Re: flys and streamers

Thanks I'm going to try them on both#4 x-long shank thanks for posting them.

Re: flys and streamers

Well I just started tying two weeks ago and it definitely is pretty cool sitting there wondering is this creation going to be "the one that gets the big one"? I honestly don’t know if I've made any named patterns or anything but I'm sure I will. Its been fun just using random material from the fly shop putting it together how you want and ending up actually looking like you envisioned it would. I attached a link for you to see a couple of the one's I've done so far. Hopefully you guys will be able to see the links or pics. Thanks for all the replys and pics they gave me alot of ideas of things to try.

Trebble Hook