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Re: Fished winni today

See I told you I was on Winni!!!

Re: Fished winni today

Fished winni today with Ilucas on his boat. we were going to go to Squam but I had to go to Meredith and pick up something while up in the area, plus we figured that since it was a saturday that Squam would be loaded with people that wanted to give winni a break. after talking with Roland it seemed there wasn't a lot of people there. The same was true for winni,not a lot of people fishing the lake. they must be firinmg up the grills and cleaning the pools for the Holiday. We wound up with six salmon and one bow all were little fella's. Talk to Salmon Stalker, Roland (up on Squam) Justgrinnin and Travis. thanks travis I got them. We also wounmd up going to AJ bait and Tackle and wound up buying more lures, as if we needed them. had a good day. Thanks Ilucas it was fun,next time on the back porchII. maybe Nubi or Sunapee if ricks offer is still good.

Where ever we go next I hope there is good ice cream stand (non could beat Johnsons almond joy) because I am going to get even!!!! hahaha. Have to get some more of the rubber macaroons and use them for bait!!

Re: Fished winni today


Sorry I didn't get back to you about fishing. Having trouble getting the time to get to the site let alone fish. Getting the dingy ready and will be out on the lake to catch some quality two year olds! Nothing like fighting them on 1 pound test.
Glad you and Ilucas had a good day on Winni.