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Re: Squam Sat am

Although F&G were at the ramp today, the parking lot was full, cars & trailors parked on every available grass area, and at least one parked along the road pass the Science Center entrance.

And boats were still comming in????


Re: Squam Sat am

Mr...Old Fisherman...were you looking for properly atired young ladies at the launch site instead of fishing? I thought that the town will ticket you if you don't stay in the designated parking areas?

Anymore 15 inch two year olds caught at the big fish lake?


Re: Squam Sat am

I'm not sure who is suppose to ticket?
Being Memorial day weekend, they were probably too busy with other problems. This is the first time that I had seen so many trailers in the lot & street.
Unfortunately, it looks like mostly 2 YO, although a few 1 YO also.