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Re: Finally a Salmon

Congrats on breaking the ice.
It reminds me of when Ilucas and I got started. We went a long long time before we caught a salmon.I must say with the help of this site it has been a lot of fun ever since. We are still learning and still having fun. I hope we never loose that feeling.not all days are great catching days but for me anyways they are all great fishing days. enjoy the ride.

Re: Finally a Salmon

Yup...that's the start of it.

Now comes the electric downriggers, planner boards, rods, reals, fishfinders, gps, speed and temp probe, g2 jiggers, rod pumpers, lures, flies and of course A BIGGER BOAT...see what you have gotten yourself into ????

hahaha, have fun!!!!

Re: Finally a Salmon

Congratulation Rich! It was just a few years ago for me and I remember coming in near the Meredith town docks for the night in my little 14 footer and just about to reel in when, bang, fish on! He jumped far out and I could see it was a salmon. I let out a loud 'Wooo Hoooo!' and brought him in. The folks on the docks must have thought I was crazy. Oh yes, now I have a larger boat that I can't even launch in Meredith and just bought a Sonar/GPS with more toys to come when some $$$ is saved up. Congrats again!

Re: Finally a Salmon

Congratulations Rich! You will always remember your first Salmon.

Re: Finally a Salmon

now your hooked....
joe s.

Re: Finally a Salmon

Aren't they so much fun! you'll definitely be hooked now.. nothing like a 4 or 5 pounder hitting your led core at 5 am in the morning then watching her jump all the way to the boat! good for you man!