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Re: Squam 2 Year Old

Hi John, I think you've got me confused with someone else. You did take me out solo one evening last summer and helped me a lot with my rookie learning curve (and thanks alot.... convinced me to spend my kid's inheritance on sonar/gps, etc.) I'm the tall, skinny guy who you were waiting for at curry place while I was sitting on your dock waiting for you. I think we caught a lil bow and a nice white perch (I remember you saying it was one of the biggest whites you've caught and we thought for a moment to keep it for meat but ended up putting it back for someone else to catch). In any event, you didn't think I was an A-hole so you invited me back; I just never took you up on it and September came fast. I appreciate the invite again though. I'm definitely interested in a G2 planer board lesson as I'm thinking of getting a pair if I can save some $$$. Thanks again!

I remember you now, there is a guy on here who's name is Hammer, works with Charlie Charters. Sorry for the mistake, but it was am easy one to make.

Your welcome anytime, maybe we can catcj=h a real fish next time, evenings are tough on Squam, it's a 1st light lake big time..

Big John