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Re: thoughjts to save the fishery

I love the brown trout idea. I have stated this idea on this site in the past and it doesn't seem that a lot of people agree with. That's too bad because I honestly feel that Browns could grow to 6-8 lbs. much easier than a salmon could grow to 4-6 lbs in our larger lakes. They are a much hardier fish and there is no disputing it. Also, they are not tied into smelt as their primary food source. Big Browns will go after perch and crayfish just as they do smelt. We have plenty of both in nearly every lake in NH.They are also more adaptable. Look at how they've begun to feed on Gobies in the Great Lakes, which now is a major food source for them. I've heard the argument that they look too much like salmon and that's why F&G is hesitant to put them in salmon waters (keeping a salmon accidentally through the ice thinking it was a brown). Sorry, but I don't buy it. If people can't tell the difference, then maybe people need to educate themselves better. I've mentioned this before and it bears repeating; there is no law that states NH must stock salmon in all of its prime, larger lakes. Diversify these fisheries. I also agree with the other post. I'd much rather have the chance to catch a giant brown than a decent sized rainbow anyday.

On a side note, I'm actually surprised this topic has resurfaced this year because I've had my best year size wise in Winni in quite some time.

I'm still glad to see that so many people have a genuine concern for our state's fisheries.

Take Care,

Chris, I like the idea of more Browns in some of our (oops, I'm starting to think I'm from NH) "lakes"
But F and G does have an issues with mixing the two (Salmon and Browns) in the same lake and you are correct it's more an indentification issue, other than the Fall/Winter color of male salmon indentification shouldn't be an issue. I think the people that cant tell the difference would be more recreational type fisherman who probably take a Salmon anyhow thru the ice as well as a Bow.

Browns at the hatchery in April are close to 1.5 to 2 to a pound, where Salmon if we are lucky (same age) are 10 to a pound. So Browns would not have as much a problem with predators as Salmon do..

Do I want them in the same lake competeing for food, I'm not positive, but you point out that they have a different preference in food fare.

Also someone pointed out the cost of buying Browns could be a factor, according to F and G sources, Salmon are the cheapest fish that F and G grow. Hard to comprehend when you consider all the extra labor in fall netting, taking eggs, etc. But I don't doubt what they say, we must pay allot for other eggs and fry.

F and G listen to us even though many may disagree, why do you think no Bows are put in Sunapee ? A well meaning local Rod and Gun club requested none be stocked so that more available food would be there for Salmon, so no Bows for Sunapee. Anything can be done, they do listen.

Why dont we push for Browns in Winnisquam, a lake where Salmon are hard to come by at times, a lake with a very struggling smelt population, while having plenty of perch.

A better fishery does not have to be limited to Salmon, so maybe we shouldn't limit our discusion to Salmon.

After talking with F and G I have more information about slot limits and size limits I'll make in another post.

Big John

Re: thoughjts to save the fishery

Will Browns reproduce in our lakes or would they be netted and stripped like Salmon,or bought every year?

Re: thoughjts to save the fishery

What about kokanee? Pros and cons? Expensive to raise,cheap to raise,they rave about them out west. Fin to. Arch? What food do they eat? Can they held and reproduce in different type water than salmon water????

Re: thoughjts to save the fishery

I may be wrong but I think Browns may reproduce in Ossippee. For the most part, I think we'd have to rely on stocking them to get the type of fishery that most people would want. I say take some of the money from stocking 8-10" trout in rivers/streams that can't sustain them by July. Put this money in Browns, and stock them in our larger lakes.


Re: thoughts to save the fishery

Tourism! While I don't think trout/Salmon fishing is the main reason folks come to our state it is a nice added attraction that sees big bucks spent. As you all know especially in this day and age you cater to those folks to get those dollars and that is what nfg does, it's business. It's no coincedence that big fish and records are coming from other waters with much less pressure than our largest lake that gets pounded. There in lies the anwser but how do you get there? Quick search shows me Winni holds 4 current state records Cusk 2007, white fish 1974, white perch 1986 and fall fish 1991. How does Winni with so much potential not have a salmanoid species on the list? Is it the lake? The management? The people? pollution?
Choices to be made... keep it numbers or go big? My opinion is go big. There are many other options if you feel the need to reel fish after fish in and not just salmon in many other lakes. BIG LAKE should be BIG FISH! I truly think the option of browns has to be looked at though as a much more sustainable fish with more potential given what we have to work with in Winni. What to do?

Re: thoughts to save the fishery

There are lakes in N.H managed for Browns.A lot that I know are smaller lakes. Like Webster, Bow Lake. But a couple bigger ones come to mind. Massabesic and Lake Francis.I have never really heard of any large Brown"sCaught in these lake. But you can catch plenty in the 15" range. I know Massabic used to be loaded with shiners. And should be the best bet to catch a large brown.Don"t know if a trophy Brown lake would be possible.But it would be great to have a few.

Re: thoughjts to save the fishery


Thanks for starting a great thread.

You are right on the apples to apples comparison. But you forgot to mention among all of the other regulations the PITA requirement of have to have your boat disinfected for the Q at an additional cost of $30. ;-)

There doesn't appear to be an easy solution to your original question. But there are many good viewpoints / thoughts expressed here.

Expounding on a couple of those ideas...

Setting up a trophy brown trout fishery possibly in lakes other than Winni would help ease the pressure on the big lake. But F&G has to provide decent access to fishermen. For example Cobbetts pond in Windham has a decent population of large browns fed by alewives but is only accessible to ice fisherman. But homeowners locked it down from non-landowner boats.

Another example comes to mind is Pleasant Lake in New London from what I am told that has a very healthy population of trophy LL salmon but again no public access.

Maybe spending some of those F&G dollars to purchase land for public access (a nice state beach & campground brings in more $$$) will help create better fishing for the whole state.

It doesn't make sense to me for the state to stock a body of water without providing public access.

Again just my .02

Re: thoughjts to save the fishery

I could not agree with you more about the state stocking lakes and ponds that do not supply public access. That is all I'm going to say on that,because I don't want to get kicked off this site so I will just leave it at that.

Re: thoughjts to save the fishery

I could not agree with you more about the state stocking lakes and ponds that do not supply public access. That is all I'm going to say on that,because I don't want to get kicked off this site so I will just leave it at that.

You guys are not alone with that opinion, NO lakes without GOOD (or any) PUBLIC ACCESS should recieve ANY fish paid for with our license fees. It's only common sense and good business, after all we are the customers.

Big John

Re: thoughjts to save the fishery

I thought there was a law stating a water body over X size had to have public access? Actually ossipee lake gives up some nice browns now and then even though it's not managed for them. I'm still in shock and 8lb laker came from there and I have spent the last 10yrs on that lake!