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Re: Sunapee Saturday

Good report. I think you should take it a little easier on "the mother" though. weather it's yours or your kid's. LOL
Good luck on Champ.

Re: Sunapee Saturday

Hit the mother on Saturday morning, no traffic, no problems at the boat launch. Caught 4 salmon, 1 laker....Nothing big. First time down since my kid got his 7 pound salmom last fall.....
Boat did all right considering it took a tree Thursday and did a number on her....
Another week and it will be all fixed up again, just in time for Champ.....


Good report, hope the boat is OK.

We allmost went there Saturday, long story but Merrymeeting made more sense at the time, sorry we missed you haven't seen or talked with you in a while..

Good luck at Champlain.

John S.

Re: Sunapee Saturday

Thanks, yea, the boat took it hard. Top/windshield/gunnel/demolished a cannon mini-mag.....VHF antenna which took it hard the last trip to Newfy with a deer, the tree finished it off. The garage took it pretty hard also, as well as the envoy......Gonna have to win some money at Champ to make up the difference as well as the deductable....


Re: Sunapee Saturday

WOW, you took it hard all around, but don't you do a windshield a year on your boat, ha-ha. Could have been allot worse pal.

Keep in touch.

Jihn S.