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Re: Merrymeeting Today

The Old Fisherman
From your past erxperiences, I'd call her
"I'm Squamed"


Not sure yet, but Big John has retired with "The Barge", I'll be just old John S. like before. Let's see how good the new boat does and a name will fall out of the sky hopefully.

Thinking of something with trouble in it as it seems to follow me around, like "Double Trouble" or something, maybe "North or South", not going to rush into it at all, it will happen one day. First we have to get her here and wet, ha-ha.

When you leaving for Alaska you lucky dog ???

John S.

Re: Merrymeeting Today

May I suggest "Barge-n-Again" (This name is not copyrighted and any reference to any like name is purely coincidental)Just for laughs.
Good luck with her John and remember you have to get her wet before anything good can happen.

Re: Merrymeeting Today

That's sounding pretty good and you are 110% correct, got to get her wet first, shooting for Thursday on Winnisquam and Friday Squam for a lonnnnnnng weekend..

Had a really bad day today, no details available, so got to get better from here on, best thing about a bad day, they get better.

John S,