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Re: downrigger question

I through bolted the base plate to the gunnel with a backer plate behind them. The mounting plate itself is solid but the connection between the rigger and base plate is where the slop seems to be. Even if I tighten down the knob to the base plate as tight as it will go it seems to make no difference.

Re: downrigger question

Sounds like you did everything right. Try loosning the knob all the way and make sure the rigger is all the way foward and retighten. I don't know what else to tell you.


Re: downrigger question

To your first question, I don't get any slop when my Cannon rigger is screwed down tight. I use the same base that I believe you are using. My base is connected to a traxstech swivel base, which is seated to a track, so maybe that's why I don't get that slop. Not sure?

The noise you are hearing is normal. That's the positive ion control working. You'll notice it gets louder when the wind picks up. It can be annoying I know.

Re: downrigger question

Mine aren't seated to a track and there is a little play. I have four mag 10's and I never noticed it until you mentioned yours. One had a loose knob today and I tightened it and there was no play. The rest were tight but still a little play. Probably just a normal thing.