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Re: Newb needs some Salmon help

thanks for the offer grinnin, but i just ordered two manual cannons last week. hopefully they'll get here before the weekend so i can get em mounted. i appreciate the offer though.

for now, i'm just gonna have to go without on the hds. i just don't have the coin right now. i have an x67c on there now, but i don't think it'll show speed. i see stuff in the menu for it, but nothing is displayed. i'll give my hand held gps a try and see what it'll tell me.

thats all i use, cheap fishfinder for depth and handheld gps for speed. check your email

Re: Newb needs some Salmon help

thanks bud, back atcha.

Re: Newb needs some Salmon help

For lure depth, do the math: estimate the distance from rod tip to water and divided by the estimated length of line between rod tip and water entry, then multiply by the total length of line out. Let's say rod tip is 5' above the water line and there's ~25' of line not under water. Your lure is down 1' for every 5' of line your running.