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Re: winni report tuesday

I didn't Know I was that good looking,I think I should be in Hollywood rather than in these low budget films. Come on now You know it's true.

Thanks Mike Had a good day. It was fun fishing with you father inlaw, oh and I guess I should include you in the mix as well. LOL next time with take the back porch-II'
Big C

Forry, take another 1/2 day of and help me wire some stuff on the new boat, it's here. Want to take it to Russ Thursday and tweak everything, ducers, Digitrols, etc. etc.

Came out SWEET, better than I had hoped for.

Hope to fish it Thursday, Friady and the weekend.

John S.

Re: winni report tuesday

John,,,,,I got the big screen mounted today.....sweeeeet!!!!!!!!! A littel more stuff and I'll be catching those 15 inch two year olds TOO!!!!

Forry you stupid lucky big stoned George Herbert Walker want a beeeeee! I saw a big dust cloud and the other day and now I know what it was from.


Re: winni report tuesday

I guess you could have called it a human eclipse.
If was the Balls!!!!! you should give it a whirl.

Re: winni report tuesday

John '
I wish I could. but I really shouldn't have taken yesterday off. my phone was ringing off the hook while on the boat. it's feast or famon I guess I shouldn't complain but now it is feast. crazy phone is broken to boot (don't know how many other people called me that were customers that couldn't get through to me. I wish I could help, sorry

Re: winni report tuesday

Junk that phone, must be in warrenty aint it ???

Actually I got quite a bit of what I neede help with done last night my wife helped me quite aa bit. May have one of our workers give me a hand today if I need it.

John S.

Re: winni report tuesday

Glad to hear that you weren't stranded. sorry I couldn't help . any other time youi know I would have.