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Jefferies Ledge

The cod and haddok bite is HOT. Sunday the four fishermen we had aboard the Miss Megan went home with two five gallon buckets of haddok fillets plus six bags of cod fillets. Monday Mike "Reel Catch" and I went out in the Yankee Native and had a real good haddok bite late morning and then limited out on eight to twenty pound cod. Filled the two fish boxes plus the back of the boat! Anybody that wants to go just shoot me an e-mail. Thanx, Capt. Cal Preston

Re: Jefferies Ledge

Thanks Cal for inviting me on the Yankee Native. That was one heck of a trip! The Jeffrey ledge is full of life right now. All the whales, sharks and tuna we saw was as good as the fishing. It was a "good day, a good day".

The day before we did almost as well on the Reel Catch. It took most of the day to finally catch up with them and slammed them on the last stop of the day. We did have a couple of rookies with us and ended up giving a lot of gear back to the sea but well worth it. I love watching and listening to newbies, trying to reel a big cod off the bottom, priceless.


Re: Jefferies Ledge

Captain Cal,

Seems like you've got em dialed in! Nice!!

Good fishin'


Re: Jefferies Ledge

hi cal
been trying to send you an e-mail but it keeps getting kicked back to me.
call me. 603-765-2256