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Re: A few downrigger questions

Richard is correct as I don't always use the 100' rule either,how ever it's a good place to start see what works for your situation and go with you gut from there.

Re: A few downrigger questions

thanks guys, good suggestions. i'll play with it some and see what works.

i ran into a problem last night though. the ups guy delivered my riggers yesterday and i immediatley got to work on installing them. right off i ran into an issue. mine came with the tab lock bases which are too large for the gunwales on my boat. they're too wide by about 1.5". now i need to find a way to mount em on there. i've been doing some searching online for a solution, but haven't found anything that'll work yet. i may have to fab up some type of brackets that'll fit on the gunwale (screwed down) and another, upper part that the base can mount to.

Re: A few downrigger questions

There is a product called king starboard that is a polymore sheet in half to three quater in. thickness. Cut the size you need, thru bolt to gunnel and mount base. Or if you have gunnel rod holders you can buy gimbal mounts for the riggers. If you want some starboard product I,ll give you what you need as I have plenty of extra. Also have some gimbal mounts. e-mail me if I can help. Cal P.

Re: A few downrigger questions

thanks, that's very kind of you. sent you an email but it got kicked back.

Re: A few downrigger questions

This may be another option. I will be eventually installing these on my new ride.


Re: A few downrigger questions

thanks for the help everyone. i ended up building some some mounts out of steel. pretty simple design.. basically like a hitch/receiver setup. they work pretty well. managed to try em out this weekend on winnisquam. no salmon, but i did pick up a small rainbow.

i also grabbed some chamberlain releases too. glad i did.. the ones that came with the riggers didn't seem like they would work all that well. the chamberlains are really nice.

Re: A few downrigger questions

i run lures 8 to 20 feet off a painted ball, either chartruese green yellow or orange, the painted ball attracts fish close in. earlier when the line is much further out the lead or black color works better, no attraction for long lines out is needed or wanted on the ball