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Hex Hatch/new boat/Squam report

New boat is back on Squam for the season, just in time for the May Fly (Hex) hatch and with that the fishin died. A few 2 yr old Salmom caught by a couple of guys but most of us got Squamed Sunday, we ran 6 lines, 6 hours, not a single bite.

I was hoping a few of the Winni pros were back this weekend to see the real Squam. Water is 70/71, fish are 20 to 40 feet down but have lock jaw.

John S.

Re: Hex Hatch/new boat/Squam report

have you tried hex patterns, i would put out a black or olive woolybugger, i know it works well on bows and browns on other lakes when the water gets warm

Re: Hex Hatch/new boat/Squam report

Hi John, Congrats on the new boat. I went out for my Sunday eve troll and noticed it in the usual spot, she is a beauty. Anyway, I was wondering about the hatch too so thanks for confirming that. I've had a little luck finally this year but it completely dried up just this week it seems. The nice thing about trailering is I can go to another lake now :-)

Re: Hex Hatch/new boat/Squam report

Fished squam on friday. we had two trips. one in the am and one pm. The hex hatch was out in full force. you could see the fish picking the bugs off the water. Not sure if it was when they were hatching or if they were falling back into the water. Fishing is the best I have seen it on squam. we caught over 20 fish. We didnt catch any huge fish but the fish were alot bigger than they are on winni. It is nice to see fish that look like they are from lake O. Big bodies little heads. John are you still running all flies? I could not get a fly to move. all fish were caught on lures. Most at 28 feet. It was awsome being the only boat out there.