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L.C.I. Fathers Day

Ellen and I just got back from fishing Champlain for three days and I really think it was about the best lake fishing I,ve ever had. We didn,t win anything, but the action was great and the fish were all real decent. Saturday was mostly all salmon in the three to four pound range and we lost count somewhere in the teens. Sunday was mostly lakers in the four to seven pound range the largest being 7.6 lbs. Again lost count on days catch. Today was also mostly lakers with a nice 4.6lb. salmon and one brown. All fish released including the two entered. The hot spoon was a black and purple top gun. Saw and talked to Kool Aid and Roof Rafter. Last I knew Pat had the number eleven laker. Back to the salt now. Cal P.

Re: L.C.I. Fathers Day


Good to hear all you guys were catching fish.