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I got browns of 3.25, 4.04 and 4.4 lbs and a bunch of salmon. Chappys spoons got the browns. Same spoon I get browns on in Ossipee. Biggest only 3.7 lbs. Never fished there before. Great time


Way to go Joe!
It is a great time out there, Forrest and I did it last year....hopefully will do it again.

Where did you stay? How did Roland and Lena do?

How did you work out your boat problem?????


Good job on the browns Joe. We only got one around three pounds.

Lake Ossipee

Hi Joe,

Let me know some dates you are going to be up at Lake Ossippee. We may want to rent a unit in August as the kids really enjoyed the 'camping' when we went last time. The trolling and cruising on the lake was fun too.

Drop me a line at chris@chappysguide.com




hey joe. congrats on your success on champlain. i was supposed to go out there but plans changed. what size and color chappys spoons are u using to get the browns. we are going up there the first week in july. thanks joe and hope to see u on ossipee this yr.