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Newfound Natives


3 hours on Newfound on Sunday from 8-11 am. Got 4 real nice lakers all 3#'s at 25-35 ft. Lost 2 real nice fish - 1 was a very nice salmon.

Very windy so we implored Kite Boy to stand at the bow while we shut the engine off and kept up 2.0 mph troll...

Can't wait until the cline sets up...

btw - these lakers were very healthy, plump and full. All over 19". Over the last several years we have not seen such consistently nice fish as we did on Sunday.

A good sign.

Re: Newfound Natives

Chappy we fish there today 1 nice fat bow (bleeder)3 lake trout all in the 2-3lb range lakers looking great.

Re: Newfound Natives

Hi Barry,

What depth did you pick up the rt? Just curious...


Re: Newfound Natives

25 ft down 75 back of the rigger with purple&black topgun 1.4-1.8, live bait off the boards for the lake trout 2 colors (go figure that).