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Re: 1st Place LCI Derby

Great News!

Re: 1st Place LCI Derby

I am very happy to fish with Pat Colby, Alan Nute, Frank Holland on TEAM ROOF RAFTA-1 we do work hard and make group decisions during this great tournament!! I love lady luck too!! talk about a close call we won first place by 21 points!!! salmon equal 71 points per pound and an additional 5% on top of your points if the fish is alive this is what put us up top agian. who would ever know we would have a run like this. 2009 1st place, 2010 2nd place and now 1st place 2011!!!

Thanks everyone

Charlies Charters

Re: 1st Place LCI Derby

Congrats Team Roof Rafta !!! Well Done. Cal P.

Re: 1st Place LCI Derby

You are absolutely right, working as a team is what has helped us do so well. It is also great to see and talk to Cool-Aid who also had another awesome weekend and Cal(Yankee Native) who we saw boat many fish. It is an awesome fishery the have up there and has alot do do with the bonus you get for releasing the fish back into the water. Just think, the 11.4lb salmon along with all of our fish will live to be bigger next year. I still cant believe we pulled it off again! Thanks to Mooslamoo lures for their sponsorship as the top gun line of lures did it again!


Re: 1st Place LCI Derby

Great job to team Roof Rafta! Luck may have had a little to do with it, but "chance favors the prepared".
All your experience, is a big part of the "preparation"!

Re: 1st Place LCI Derby

Congrates on your 1st place, way to go. The Salmon in Champlain are growing quickly. We caught alot of fish but nothing we felt worth regeistering. I believe next year there may be some steelhead on the board. Again good job on your success. Roland

Re: 1st Place LCI Derby

Congrats Team Roof Rafta!


Re: 1st Place LCI Derby

Congratulations Guys! Nice Job!

Re: 1st Place

Congrats again team roof rafta.Good people and great fisherman.See you next year

Re: 1st Place

Good job "Team Roof Rafta"!!! Keeping it fun is what's it all about. Bobby & Bump

Re: 1st Place & Kool-Aid Report

Congrats to team Roof-Rafta! They have put together some incredible tourny's up there and it is very impressive!

My boat had a good weekend, but nothing to put us in the money... We boated 65+ fish for the weekend and had an incredible time. We fished south of Burlington, all the fish came on the riggers 18-43' deep, speed was 2.2-2.6 and it was steady all weekend for us.

We ran Sutton 61 Guns that always seem to do the trick up there for us. We also found one day that we couldn't get out of the lake trout so we threw on some Chappy's Guides and that was the answer! Salmon Country!

Overall fun weekend, saw Pat, Charlie, Roland, Lena, and many more! Good seeing and talking to all!

Kool-Aid Charters