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Re: Swimbaits on Downrigger

ive tried one that looked like a small yellow perch for lakers and didnt have much luck, may just of not had enough faith in it and didnt fish it much. now ive run the real big mackeral ones as an attractor and have watch salmon follow it up to the boat.....is that cheating, havent done it in new hampshire but im not sure its legal

Re: Swimbaits on Downrigger

If there are no hooks of any kind why wouldn't be legal?

Re: Swimbaits on Downrigger

i believe one of the newengland states has a rule against fish decoys, not sure if its something ive seen in a rule book or not, too many states, too many rules. salmon will follow a foot long rubber mackerel though

Re: Swimbaits on Downrigger

Yozuri minni minnows work well.