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Re: 11.4 lci salmon

I can't believe that after 219 views of the Salmon that the girl at the Fathers day derby caught that none of you guys or girls commented on her fish. It looks to me that there is sour grapes. the lady SET A DERBY RECORD FOR THE LARGEST SALMON IN THAT DERBY. i congratulate her on her victory and to make sure that IT COULD LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY and not put it on the wall was an amazing thing to do in itself, something I don't think a lot of us could do.What a great sports woman. You sit and talk about how good the fellows that are from this site and how you are so proud of the guys on there winning the team Prize, And I commend them on that as well, But I just want to say you are very fortunate that some people like that lady was for what ever reason not in the team pool or that team would have cleaned your clock. If it had been One of us (maybe not so much me LOL) who had caughjt that fish the post would have been going on for days. come on guys give the lady and her record breaking fish the respect and praise they deserves. Thanks Ilucas for sharing the only thing I didn't care for was the redsox shirt she has on in the video(being an Orioles fan LOL)

x 2 Forry, really remarkable that her first concern was keeping the fish alive and getting it back in!!!! Like you say not to many of us would have done the same. Big ups to her.

I too am surprised at the lack of comments from this site on such a great video, fish and accomplishment by someone. It's cool to see a record breaking fish being caught like that, they all remained remarkably poised during the fight. I know what it would have been like on my boat or your boat....chaos.... the minute we saw that thing.....haha.

A "true sportswoman" she proves to be.