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Re: Single Hooks

I agree with Salty regarding smaller treble hooks, but will add that we pinch the barbs down. As long as you keep tension on the fish, I do not believe you will lose any fish. Also in a rubber net the fish will shake the hook out, and they can be released immediately. Just my two cents. We are all concerned with the servival of the just stocked and two year old salmon


Re: Single Hooks

I too want to perserve the fishery as well, and I think the F&G do as well. My Question is If the single hook is mor of a danger to the salmon then why did the F&G start making us use just a single hook when fishing with live bait?

Re: Single Hooks

Using a treble hook for bait is a no no because usually the fish eats the hook and bait, swollowing it. Single hooks like a circle hook are better for a lip catch. While trolling having multiple hooks causes more chance for hook wounds, where a single hook is either a lip hook or a miss.