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sat sunday winni report

Fished black point Saturday afternoon with no results.. I dragged every piece of metal I owned and not even a hit... Sunday morning I got on the water 5am and fished diamond and rattlesnake only catching one small salmon on the rigger at 26' I headed in about 10am. Fish was caught on a black with purple dot topgun.. I also fished a small lake near my house Sunday night and picked up about 6 bows.. the lake near my house is called canobie.. I fish this lake when I can't make it to winni it gets rid of the trolling itch for me.. :) I actually did better at canobie then winni this weekend..

Re: sat sunday winni report

Do you ever get on Cobbetts?

Would love to turn the downriggers loose on that lake. Have ice fished it but never trolled it.

Re: sat sunday winni report

I don't ever get out there... I hear you though I've herd stories of 5 and even 6 lb browns in there.. I would definitely be up for a troll there.. I run my riggers 15' with a orange and copper topgun at canobie and do real good out in the deeper parts of the lake this time of year.. like 1 and 2 pound bows..