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Re: I must be doing something wrong here...

ok i'll give that a try. yeah, using level wind reels so i don't imagine line twist would be as much of a problem as it would be with spinning reels.

i also have to wonder about the locations i'm fishing as well. one can be doing all the right things, but if there isn't a good number of fish present, you aren't going to catch many. or any, in my case.

Re: I must be doing something wrong here...

Meredith Bay is good I like the east shore towards spinndle point this time of year and over the deep water right down the center The Wiers not so much right now. Try the Broads off the west and south side of Welch island next time out.


Re: I must be doing something wrong here...

Yep ditch the snap swivel like Salmoneer said.

Try a spro sized 10 barrel swivel between running mono line & the fluro leader.

Also you may want to try adding a smelt scent.

my .02

Re: I must be doing something wrong here...

great tips, thanks a lot guys.

should i be primarily looking for about 100ft. of water?

Re: I must be doing something wrong here...

Just so you can compare... I use 8 pound main line to a small barrel swivel (I think its a #14 - it easily slides through my guides) and then 10-15 feet of 4 pound seaguar fluoro ended with a very small duolock snap (no swivel on the snap). I found that when I dropped to 4 pound leader, even compared to 6 pound, my catch rate went up. I use the very small, red, Eagle Claw duolocks for quickly changing lures. I have tried tying direct to the split ring of the lure, but noticed no difference in catch. I think the red duolock is so small that it doesn't scare the fish. Red is also the first color to disappear as you go down the water column so that helps too. Its nice to be able to change the lure quickly and not have to keep retying and therefore shortening your fluoro leader.

You're in good spots. No doubt about that.

Leadcore at 6 colors was our best seller on Friday. Riggers only produced one fish. So, you may also want to be sure to have one line a leadcore, assuming you're fishing solo and can only have two lines. Big difference in presentation between a leadcore and a rigger rod.

Sounds like you live close by... I live in Laconia. If you're going solo some day and want company, I'd be happy to go along and try to help out. Maybe do an evening troll? My email is attached.

Best of luck.

Re: I must be doing something wrong here...

thanks craig. we've met before.. you bought my ice auger for your brother. i'm game for an outing whenever you are. my rig or yours, doesn't matter to me. -Derek

Re: I must be doing something wrong here...

Oh. I didn't know it was you with the different screen name. Stealth mode, huh? Haha.
I sold my boat last year and have been on the water only on friends boats this year. Keeping me sane 'til I purchase a new one - hopefully next year.
Yeah, that auger was for my cousin and he's got a lot of use out of it.
Long day on the salt today, so kinda beat. If you get a free day and want to troll, let me know. Evenings will work best for me, but with a bit of notice I could re-arrange my day for a morning troll.
We've been meaning to get together... 'bout time we do.

Re: I must be doing something wrong here...

sure, sounds good to me. maybe sometime this weekend.. i may put the boat in winnisquam and dock it at my folk's house. they live right down the street from you. that would make for an easy outing. or we could always hit winni. i imagine the launches will be pretty this weekend though, since it's a holiday. i'm fine with either. i'll email you my cell number, gimme a call if you want to hit the water.