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Getting into Lead Core fishing

I'm looking for advice on choosing a nice lead core combo setup for smaller NH trout lakes.
I don't have any experience in lead core trolling. I recently looked at and held a combo setup at a local store. It seemed more like a salt water rod in weight & stiffness.
I watched recently at a small lack fisherman landing 1-2 pound bows with lead core at three colors. I'm thinking if I choose a rod too stiff I'll end up tearing the hook out more often than landing any.
So, line size ( and brand) and combo rod and reel advice would help big time.

Thanks in advance for your imput!


Re: Getting into Lead Core fishing

5 to 7 weight flyrod with a reel with enough capacity. 18 pound lead core is what everyone uses. i dont like using more than 3 or 4 colors so i set three colors on backing on a fly rod and just count off the backing til im deep enough, most trout ponds and small lakes three is enough anyways. AJ's usually has a flyrod setup

Re: Getting into Lead Core fishing

I use 18 lb lead core like everyone but I use a moocher fly reel, inexpensive and holds all 10 colors with a fast reel in because of the larger size - any 9 foot fly rod, I use ugly stiks

Re: Getting into Lead Core fishing

Cool! Lot's of good advice! Never occured to me to use a fly rod...Duh... makes perfect sense.
Is there much difference between different lead line manufactures?

Good advice ~ THANKS!

Re: Getting into Lead Core fishing

Kittery Trading Post sells a martin multiplier fly reel. I have that set up with backing, 10 colors of 12 lb leadcore, and a leader. Put it on a 7 weight or so fly rod. When I reline it I will probably go with only 5 colors leadcore. Its a nice setup.

Re: Getting into Lead Core fishing

This one is my favorite.

Abugarcia 6600c4 reel.

Daiwa Heartland Kokanee Trolling HLD-KN862L.

will hold 3 colors 18# leadcore