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Re: Tues RFP report

What speeds are you guys pulling the flies and spoons at? I fish a lot of small lakes for rainbows, but winni is somewhat new to me. I tried fishing just out of center harbor last friday thru sunday morning. We caught a handful of lakers, one 4.5 lbs. But only two small salmon. I was going 1.7- 1.9 on the gps and caught fish on the gold bloody nose and wonderbread bb guns no luck on flies. All fish were down on riggers 35-45 ft. When i caught salmon i was going 2.1-2.3 should i be going faster than 1.9.

Re: Tues RFP report

As far as speed went on the Peggy C today 2.3was catching fish on both flies and lures,and we could still hear all the jokes.

Re: Tues RFP report

Thanks for a great day on the Peggy "C", Salty & Dave.
Hugh, I was worried about you wetting your pants today:). About every other time I looked at you, you were doubled over with your head in the steering wheel. Bud, I was concerned for you, at least a couple times today also.
Vobsey, You may have answered your own question. There are many theories (some conflicting) on speed.
Too little space here to delve in to a lot of them. IMHO, your 1.7 to 1.9 SOG may be more appropriate for lakers than salmon right now. One could speculate that you were fishing too deep, where you were heavy to lakers today. That being said, You were fishing at the same depths as us and many out there today. It may be location? Are you fishing 40' down in 45 or 50' of water? I don't have as much experience as many on this board, but I don't remember a year where the lakers, salmon, and bows comingled at the same depths or as high in the water column as they are for this time of year. Re: salmon speed, my 2 cents worth would tell you that you can catch salmon between 1.4 & 3 mph right now. If I were to give you a tighter window, I would be in the 2.2 to 2.4 range. If anyone has a different opinion on this,and it works for them I probably would not argue with them.

Re: Tues RFP report

Drove the boat like I stole it... Great action - surprisingly high. got most around 30 - 35 or at 4-5 colors. Released them all but one laker that was toast. biggest salmon was 21. An eagle grabbed one and headed for Salty. Not sure if he was on the payroll or just looking for a good place to spread his tailfeathers. Good to get out again!

Re: Tues RFP report

I envy you guys can't wait for retirement. The way the stock market's going that's not in the near future.