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Winnisquam Report

I have read that Winnisquam has been tough, perhaps this can help

Spent the 1st week of August on Winnisquam. Fishing started off slow with only 2-4 fish each morning/evening but by the end of the week it picked up considerably with alot of fish each time out.

lures were blue/silver smelt guns, sutton 61's, copper/orange TG and small mooselooks in copper and silver

All the fish were stuffed yoy smelt/fat/healthy

biggest for the week 7.5 lb laker/4.2 lb rainbow/1.7 lb white perch

Fished relatively shallow in 40' down 20 to 30 feet just above the clouds of bait


Re: Winnisquam Report

By any chance did you catch any smallmouth? I have heard the smelt population in that lake is low are you sure they wernt stuffed with yoy perch?

Re: Winnisquam Report

I'm sure they were smelt. There was however alot of yoy perch hanging on the surface that were getting busted by big bass. I confirmed this by running in-line boards with small stickbaits


Re: Winnisquam Report

Way to go Dean, sounds like a real good week on the water.