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I have not been on the pond for a while. I used to launch out of Ames Farm this time of the year but.....

Where do you suggest putting in w/o a long boat ride in a 16 footer Blk.Point/Rattlesnake area?



Re: Launching

Roberts Cove

Little tough in the dark at early morning. It's good to have an extra set of eyes while your backing in, it's not well lit.

Small boats are a breeze, larger boats 22' and up have a tight corner to go up the hill for parking. I go out and around my truck and trailer cannot make that sharp corner.

Re: Launching

West Alton Marina....awesome launch, plenty of easy parking. 20 bucks same as Roberts Cove. Right near rattlesnake too.


Re: Launching

or if you don't mind parking away from the ramp, you could use the alton public launch. the only bad part is leaving your trailer down on letter s rd. if you're by yourself, you may not want to leave your stuff unattended for that long. but if you've got a buddy with you it wouldn't be too bad. and it's free.