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Friday AM

Great ending to a great week. At one point had triples resulting in a salmon, a rainbow and a laker. Nothing huge but plenty of action. Thanks again AJ! Squattindog signing out.

Re: Friday AM

Nice! good to hear the action is still on the up and up. Triples aren't that common either did you pick up three different species at the same time? That would be crazy! What seems to be the hot lure or fly for you? For me last monday it was a small gold and orange mooselook at 6 colors outside winter harbor.

Re: Friday AM

Indeed all three species were caught and released on that tripple. It was an absolute hat trick! All had hardware (2 riggers and 1 lead core) 2 little mooselooks with purple/silver on one side and copper on the other and the long line had a wonderbread. Best part was that the Peggy C had a great view of the action :)