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Can I troll with lures or flies right now with just a splitshot sinker or do i have to have a downrigger?

Re: Trolling

You may want a bit more weight than that, but this early in the year you should be able to get some action up top.

Re: Trolling

You don't need a downrigger.Are you using a fly rod or spinning rod?

Re: Trolling

I use 9'-6" Eagle Claw Noodle rods. Okuma spinning reels spooled w/8# mono, small barrel swivel, w/length of rod very lite flouro tippet. #6 or #8 Octopus hook. Hook bait down through nostril, out bottom lip. Or through both nostrils for trolling. Fish this with or with out split shot, heavier weight will take you down. I like keeping things lite an simple! Capt. Bob