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Re: Winni

If I was using a level wind I would just use the micro lead line with 1 color for 5 ft and plenty of leader

Re: Winni

I’ve got those set ups already, I’m trying to have more of a distance between the streamers and the ski jiggers or the bait from the planer board clips, when wanting to be down 5’ from the surface. With one color out and 20’ of fluorocarbon, it seems to close to the boat.

Re: Winni

green demon
I'm on board with Bob's reply, I always figured 5 to 6 ft down with most of the line out. They also sell a super sink that about doubles that which works well as the water warms or the sun gets higher
ya a friend just got a spool think it was 92.00 at ktp its hard to find the Cortland 333 level sinking line

Re: Winni

Capt. Bob
Cortland Sinking Salmon level line 6WT. Been using it for over 40 years. I've heard AJ's Bait&Tackle, FishUSA has it for sale...?? Been working for us!!!
that's what iam dragging with a 30 foot leader