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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Today on Winni

Lot of pressure today to avoid another "skunk" trip.First fish a nice rainbow on 6 colors of lead.
Lost at the boat. Then a smallmouth on lead.A 13 inch Salmon on a rigger at 49 feet.Another Salmon on
a rigger 18" at 50 feet.A nice Laker on 6 colors of lead, lost at the boat.Lake now a little rough with
the breeze kicking up and boat traffic. Last fish of the day,a Salmon on a rigger at 50 feet.After a
lengthy battle in the rough water,he broke off at the boat.Gold/Orange, Pumpkinhead and Neon green.
Rattle was the producer today.3 in and 3 out.

Re: Today on Winni

Tough for me as well yesterday, small lakers, couple nice Bows not bragging size. all my fish were either 30’ -35’ off DR.’s & leadcore. Golden Marvel type flies, Orange Silver Mooselook Wooblers, Orange Yellow mix Top Gun’s from AJ’s Bait&Tackle in Meredith. Capt. Bob

Re: Today on Winni

Bob, Did you come down the broads towards Wolfeboro around 10:30.We were off Rattle.I tried
you on the radio.

Re: Today on Winni

Ranger, My radio's been off. What channel you monitoring? My cell's (603)344-8698. Capt. Bob