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Am I Doing This Right???

Love reading this message board. Thanks for everyone’s input. It tremendously helps first time trollers.

Went out fishing on 8/12 8/13 and 8/14. First time trolling on the lake.
Found old lead core 27lb line in basement, rigged it up to two Penn Surfcasters that my grandfather owned. Trolled along east side of Bear island along the drop off with 7 colors of line (line only has 7 colors) with two tandem flies I got from AJs from 530 till 930am at an ‘attempted’ 1.5-2.0mph.
Only got two small mouth bass on the 12. Got a nice 20” fat laker at 8am on the 13th, then a smaller 12-14” laker at 845am. No more fish on the 13th.

Followed same procedure the following morning and got one 12-14” laker on a ‘Speedy Shiner’ spoon in the same spot. No fish for the rest of the morning on the 14th.

Lost what felt like a decent fish on the 15th in front of Bear.

Does it seem like I’m doing everything right? Figured I’d be getting more hits?

Re: Am I Doing This Right???

You caught some fish so that's a plus. I myself have had a poor year fishing. If you are
going to be fishing leadcore line, I would probably think about getting some new line.I
use Micro Lead 18 lb. I would have reels that you can put 10 colors on. At 7 colors, you are probably
down around 35'.I would talk with AJ about it and he will steer you in the right direction.Good Luck
in the future.

Re: Am I Doing This Right???

This is the worse year I ever had. Been skunked about half the time out. The fish that I did catch- mostly rainbow trout were real nice ones at about 46 feet down on top gun lures. I fish weirs, west side of mark island, east side of the witches to Saunders Bay and west end of the broads. If you dont want to spend a lot of money there are clamp on down riggers that work very well with a light weight ball.