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Overall state of lake winnipesaukee cold water fishery

Happy new year all. I,ve been a part time resident up there for 30 years. Have had cut 2 spec gear, flies jim Warner made for me I still have some originals in box, spent time @
at A.j s getting lined out and I’m just hooked on fishing for salmon and trout. Travel anywhere I can get to enjoy them. But I like it while trolling on winni the best. From you guys who keep stats, and who who’ve seen the last 40 years up there what is good and what needs to change or is there no way to change due to climate issues and bureaucracy. I hate to complain because that’s all people do today.but I catch half or less the fish I used to and put in more time than ever. Is this the new normal and are squam and Winnisquam on the same trajectory.

Re: Overall state of lake winnipesaukee cold water fishery

Keep fishing! Our Landlocks are recovering from a severe crash resulting from hatchery issues in New Durham, NH. Feds are raising our Landlocks in Nashua, NH. I go down an visit them often. :-)

You should see some healthy 2 year olds (YO's) this coming spring. Also, you'll see sparse 3,4,5&6 YO's. Winni will eventually get back to a good supply of several years class of Landlocks. My fingers are crossed as I'm NH Fishing Guide #33 an provide fishing charters in the "Lakes Region of NH". I count on NH Fish&Game Department managing our Landlocked Salmon. Folks that come to our state to vacation love fishing Atlantic Salmon!

Thanks for posting on FISHLAKEWINNI.COM message board. Myself with Capt. Matty Groves manage this website an appreciate your input! Remember, just keep enjoying our wonderful fisheries here in the "Lake Region of NH".