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how are the winni salmon this year

sebago is looking to be a bust, small salmon, small tiny togue that ive never seen before, just about zip zero on bait. about ten years ago there wasnt a spot on the lake you couldnt smell bait in the early morning hours, now nothing. im sure i could catch some legitimate lakers but thats not for me. its already 65 degrees down past 30 feet. the bio i taked to rescently had nothing good to say about the lake

Re: how are the winni salmon this year

Very sad state of affairs for Winni as well. I'll be fishing this Thursday evening and Saturday am. I'll give a report Sunday morning enjoying some coffee. Then heading to Champlain Sunday to fish w/3rd Alarm Charters/Matt Trombly Monday morning! I've got my fingers crossed Winnipesaukee gives us some action on some Landlocks. Should be some 6YO's & 2YO's coming active soon. I'll strike a temp w/Fish Hawk thursday........

Re: how are the winni salmon this year

I am very sad about this bad news. Just do your best next time. By the way, to lessen your sadness, watch this Soul Knight's (0:38) Story video, and if you have a computer or laptop in your house, download and install this game on your device. I drop the link here where you can download the game. Just follow the instruction and you can easily install the app for free. Lastly, if you want an additional game, just ask me. Thanks!